Criticism of the political system – Carola Rackete calls for “civil disobedience”

Climate change, refugee movement: Politicians are currently making the wrong decisions, the consequences are catastrophic. This is what the ex-captain of the “Sea Watch 3”, Carola Rackete, claims. She demands clear consequences.

The former captain of the rescue ship “Sea Watch 3”, Carola Rackete, calls on citizens to actively oppose the existing political system. “Civil disobedience is very necessary,” Rackete told the newspapers of the Funke media group. Political decisions with catastrophic consequences are currently being taken. “I think we as citizens of our countries simply have to understand that with everything we do, and with everything we do not do, we naturally support the current system,” the 31-year-old former sea rescue worker and climate activist continued. According to Rackete, inaction also has “dire consequences”.

As one of these consequences, the 31-year-old sees an inner-European flight movement. “Climate change will also lead to flight within Europe, with regions suffering extremely from water shortages, more flooding and precipitation falling somewhere unplanned or at other times,” Rackete said. The current generation is the last to make a difference.

In July, Rackete made headlines around the world when, contrary to the Italian government’s explicit ban, she boarded the rescue ship “Sea Watch 3” with 53 refugees on board in the port of Lampedusa and was arrested. At the beginning of November, Rackete’s book “Acting instead of hoping: Call to the Last Generation”.

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