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Most people will not know about forex trading (FOREX trading), so here is a link for those who want to know more >>

The programs I developed are fully automatic, i.e. the operator can have zero idea of foreign exchange trading and still make good profit. The market for such programs is huge, with thousands of programmers worldwide offering their automatic trading programs. They often advertise with gigantic, unrealistic returns – sometimes they actually create good profits, but at enormous risk. A total loss in a few days is not uncommon in these programs. I remain realistic and hope for 50% profit after 12 months of trading, with small risk (each trade is always risked max. 2% of trading capital). Even 50% annual return would be great! Those who invest in equities have already achieved a fantastic result with a 30% annual return. In the picture below you can see the development of a virtual, one s. G. Demo account. Here you can test a trading strategy without risk under real conditions. Later a real account was opened, again the profit is steadily increasing >>

The development of the demo account as of 7.12. 2019

In the forum there are details about the trading, questions can be asked about it. Link to the forums at the top of each page.

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In order to generate capital for the MyDream community, a PAMM account will be opened later, an account that combines several accounts into one account. In this way, retail investors could also deposit their money into a (quasi) joint account and also debit them completely or partially after a minimum term. For small accounts, the cost of buying or renting an autom is calculated. Trading system does not, but if a percentage of the profit goes to the operator from a PAMM account, the situation is different. The operator would then be the MyDream community, which would make all the profits e.g. e.g. gets a third into their coffers. If too many small investors also come in, there can be a lot of money to come around. The problem is that you need a permit to manage assets from BaFin for the management of capital. This is not easy to get – therefore this website should also serve to find an operator with such permission for such an account, who does not put the majority of the profit in his own pocket.

Until then, of course, everyone can rent or buy my program >> I am willing to transfer a third of my income to the cash register of MyDream. Should the advertising effect of MyDream cause more than 20000 € to end up in my account in 2020 (which is possible), I am ready to transfer 90% of what goes over 20000 € to the checkout of MyDream. It may be that this amount seems to be a little for a year to one person living in Germany – I can live well on it here in Spain. Who wants to know more about me and Spain read about me >>

MyDream’s cash register can be a checking account, from which most of the money flows to one or later multiple broker accounts. At the beginning of 2020 I will open a business account in my name in Berlin, which will serve as a provisional account. Later, the money is transfered from the current account to the account of MyDream e.V. . Opening multiple accounts with brokers allows us to find out the best broker. Most brokers allow trading in sub-accounts – so we can spread the risk by distributing the available capital across several strategies.

Donations are of course also welcome! Donations are 50% invested as trading capital, other half is for promotions. Unfortunately, as long as no registered asset manager manages MyDream’s capital, you cannot accept any money to invest it with the prospect of a possible profit. Donations thus become 100% capital of MyDream, with no prospect of any future payout of profit.

From the profit of trading, e.g. B. 50% will be available for the community-decided own actions or for actions of organisations that we support. The other half of the profit remains with the brokers, increasing the available trading capital.

Whether the 50% rule is applied always and everywhere can be discussed in the forum.

The MyDream project stands and falls naturally with the success of the automatic trading program. After 10 years of experience writing such software, I believe I have now found a strategy that can make a lasting profit. But those who are a little familiar with trading know that the markets are constantly changing. A strategy never works forever, it needs to be adapted to market change. I will of course do my best to do this, but I hope that other traders will join MyDream and help me – or otherwise contribute their know-how here, e.g. B. by also helping their programs to generate more capital for MyDream.

Another way to help as a trader MyDream would be to monitor the trades. There are many things that affect the market that an automatic program cannot recognize: a program does not read news, does not know what Central Bank Chairman XY said last time, etc… The effort for this would not even be great: you can have the program open the positions as normal and then, if necessary, Set the StopLoss early on entry price or simply disable trading on days that are foreseeable that it will not be a ‘normal’ day. Such interventions naturally require some know-how as a trader. If you think you have enough experience in it, Active Trader gives the opportunity to test your skills in the visual back test. If it works out, you can try it live on a demo account, then with real capital. If you really have it, you can offer your own signal and make further profit from it.

Some people have a 7. Sense of trading and don’t know! Many kill their time with video games or similar. Try the real game! Try trading – no game is more exciting than real life! Everyone can try out without risk, almost playfully and learn how trading works. Almost all brokers offer free demo accounts where you can trade with virtual capital under real-world conditions. Some claim that demo accounts produce very different results than real accounts. This is only true if you try to use the smallest movements and close the positions again after a short time (scalping). When trading as I recommend and practice, relatively large movements are used, the position is closed only after hours or even days. There is the difference demo – real negligible. More information on this in the forum, see link at the top of each page.

Special service for Facebook friends: If you hardly have your own trading capital at your disposal, of course it doesn’t pay to rent or buy my program. But if you are really interested, I make a special offer: For only 15€/month you can rent my program – installed ready for operation on a server (the rent for the server costs almost 10€/month, so I earn next to nothing). Then you still have to have at least 500€ in the account, otherwise it never pays off. But how about you join 5 friends? Just such an idea … Of course, with so little capital no empire becomes any, but those who are interested in the matter can sniff out how trading takes place, how it feels to make profits & losses (losses also occur!). Details by private message. But please do not ask for new friend requests at fb now, I will continue to accept only those as friends who are personally known to me.

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