Julian Assange – The Case

The arrest and detention of Assange shows how a system that believes it is above the law says, “Unmask us, then that’s what we’re going to do!” Assange is vilified for uncovering corruption, and everyone is standing by and watching! Not only is what is happening to him immoral and unjust, it gives the media propaganda machines the freedom to spread the myths and lies that secure corrupt systems! It is now not only about Assange, but also about our right to know the truth as we should know it, and the truth about the people who run our nations and how they do it, and why!

The signal that the US wants to send is: watch out journalists, if you don’t want to end up like Assange: don’t show the world our crimes! We do what we want, we don’t care about laws, we make our own laws – and we want to keep that secret!

The US is trying to set an example of what happens to people who expose government crimes: prison or death.
Unfortunately, few people understand that this would mean that any journalist who thinks about about reporting government crimes will think twice, will let it be. Then the third power, the free press, no longer has power. The government can do what it wants, because no one dares to inform the public about it any more – the beginning of the end of democracy. The fear that Assange expresses that with his death also freedom of the press and democracy could die is quite real.

If convicted in the United States on all charges against him, he could be sentenced to a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison.

“This is the starting shot for a new war against journalism, and unless we stop it before the next shot, this war will no longer be waged only abroad. If a man who has never lived in the United States before can be forcibly transferred to an American prison because he has published the truth, more journalists will soon follow. And that will encourage the less liberal states of this world to take even harder action against the narrow line that separates truth from falsehood. The line that separates dictatorship from democracy.”- Edward Snowden

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