About me

I’m Heiko, almost 60 years young and think it is time to move something in this world, to change for the better. I had this dream as a teenager, I wasted enough time … now the world looks damn like I really should do something! Forgive me my bad english – if you want to correct something send me a message. 🙂

With MyDream I try to arouse political interest and show where one should actively intervene in political events and how this can be done. The possibilities to intervene as an individual are limited, so MyDream points to existing organizations that anyone can join to do more. But my dream is to make MyDream itself an organization that can make a difference. For that it needs comrades-in-arms, money and time.

Finding comrades is not easy, I think one in 1000 might be interested and able to help build MyDream. The Internet is made to reach these few people who can be found all over the world. I have some experience in online marketing, hope this can help. Through my books about emigrating to spain I came into contact with it, see below.

Trading in the forex market, forextrading is an activity you can make a lot of money with if you do it right. I live from designing programs that automatically generate profit instead of people in the flesh staring at the screen all day and following foreign exchange rates. I bring this know-how to MyDream, hopefully one day I will share it with other traders to finance MyDream.

Below a brief description of how it came about. 😉

Born as a working-class child in the Ruhr area of germany, the Social Democrats and trade unions were highly valued in my parents’ homes. With the flowering of the Greens, anti-nuclear movement and squatters times, my mind remained left. I did a vocational training as an energy system electronics technician, then my high school graduation, began to study physics and philosophy – but only briefly. I had opened a bistro bar, believing I could finance my studies – the bar cost too much energy. After the bar I went as a lighting technician to the Starlight Express Musical in Bochum, passed my exam to the lighting master. With this title, they wanted me to be the head of lighting in another musical. A conversation with my head of department made me realize that this only means stress, a lot of work and little free time – I implemented a long-cherished plan:

In 1997 I emigrated to Spain. If you want to know more about me and Spain, read my books: 1. Book >> 2. Book >> Members of MyDream can receive the PDF files of the books free of charge on request.

The financial crisis from 2008 caused a great deal of pressure on Spain, the construction boom collapsed, with it almost all the country depending on it. My rental of construction equipment and tools was no longer running. But since I had just published my books and the associated website with a forum, I was able to live well from book sales and advertising revenue of the site. The machines were sold in 2008 and the rental was closed. A dream came true: Without fixed working hours, I could earn enough to live from home without much work.

My mother had come to the West shortly before the construction of the Belin-Wall in 1961, so we sometimes visited the friends of her youth in East Berlin. I knew the lousy streets that led through the GDR. In 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell, I was already interested in economics and politics, so I bought a few shares of road construction companies from my last money and doubled my stake in a few months. That was the foundation for my interest in financial speculation, but I acted only sporadic. Until I discovered in 2008 the trading platform Metatrader, which offers the possibility of automatic foreign exchange trading.

Through my website I had got to know HTML and PHP, the next step to writing programs was not difficult for me. As an electronics technician I was good, electronics was my hobby even before my training. For me, creating a schematic and writing a program has a common logic. So programming automatic trading programs became first my hobby, learning-by-doing, then my job.

I am not a friend of esotericism, but i developed an esoteric-looking wave theory at the time of my physics studies, here a short excerpt from it:
Every thought is an electromagnetic vibration. When a vibration hits a resonant body, i.e. to something whose natural vibration frequency corresponds to the incoming vibration, the previously resting resonant body is stimulated to vibrate at the same frequency. When multiple brains have the same thoughts, both resonant bodies stimulate each other. The more an idea, a way of thinking spreads, the more the intensity of the electromagnetic vibration emitted increases, a kind of avalanche effect is set in motion. Perhaps something like ‘zeitgeist’ (thinking and feeling, mentality of an age) is being set in motion? Of course, an idea is transferred differently, but I like this way of presentation.
At the moment, another zeitgeist is blowing, that of selfishness, greed and apathy, even the spirit of fascism, which had previously been believed to be dead, flutters through many heads again. Something must be countered.